Arrests, regardless of the circumstances, are typically embarrassing. Not for Cabrone Brewer, who turned a recent run-in with the law into a shining moment after a night in Tulsa, OK took a turn for the worst. Last Friday, the 32-year-old Brewer somehow managed to get his car stuck on some train tracks. He called AAA, but sheriff's deputies showed up because, well, his car was on the fucking train tracks.

According to deputies, Brewer reeked of alcohol and exhibited the usual signs of intoxication. While giving him  field sobriety tests, police noticed that he had an outstanding warrant from 1999, apparently the result of being caught with an open container on what Brewer says was his prom night. Funny how his mug shot kind of resembles a hilarious senior photo...

Anyway, Brewer was released after paying up for the previous infraction and posting bond. Maybe he's so damn happy because he's finally (hopefully) left his in the past.

[via The Huffington Post]