Police in Hoboken, NJ made a shocking heroin bust on Monday, discovering about 300 packages of heroin, most of which were hidden in a man's underwear. Angel Romero-Corraliza, 25, had 250 packages hidden inside of some not-so-secret pocket in his underwear. In addition to five Ziploc bags of marijuana, authorities who searched his apartment also found eight cell phones (the obvious sign of a drug dealer), 14 9mm hollow-point bullets and 54 .22-caliber rifles inside of Romero-Corraliza's home. 

Though he received several charges for drug offenses, Romero-Corraliza gets an "A" for creativity because of that secret butt compartment in his underwear. If he sewed it himself, maybe he can give fellow inmates sewing lessons, because he's going to jail for a while.

[via Gothamist]

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