Scream is one of those movie franchises that, as is so common in the horror genre, just won't die. The original was a masterpiece of satire, humor, and scares that you don't see very often in the oft-maligned category. It was meta before meta, but the sequels couldn't keep up with the smart script.

MTV ordered a Scream TV pilot almost a year ago, and last week it seemed like things were finally on their way to production. Tony DiSanto, the guy behind The Hills and Teen Mom, is executive producer, but no writers have been announced. Then, this week, Wes Craven himself said he would be interested in a TV project—if it was good. Which makes us think this one isn't good and Craven won't be involved.

If Craven says no, we say no. Why can't we just let Scream go? Execs can come up with new and fresh ideas for shows instead of rehashing old money makers, which is what made the original Scream so great in the first place.

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