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Unalaska, Alaska is probably a place you'll never see in this lifetime, but for the flash mob of 40 or so bald eagles caught in this viral video, the little town was the perfect setting for a lunchtime feast. 

This video taken Thursday shows the noble hunters snacking away on fish fillets left in a pickup truck parked at Safeway. No word on how the birds got there or who decided to leave out that food, but shoppers were scared enough to call police for help. 

According to KUCB, the news station that caught the action on camera, police officer Bill Simms had to shoo away most of the birds with his siren, warning customers, "just get your keys ready and when I shoo them away, run into your cars."

Fortunately, no one was hurt, and once the birds fled the pickup owner drove off. 

[via Mashable]