Contrary to popular belief, there really is a scientific formula to losing American Idol. Once you get past the initial stages of auditions and are left at the mercy of America, it becomes less about talent and more about who America likes the most - and a lot of it ends up hinging on the contestant's song choices. Pick a bad song, or one of the seven "songs of death" and it's almost guaranteed you'll be packing your backs come elimination night. 

In honor of this season's finale, which is set to air in two weeks, the pop culture junkies over at VH1 put together a list of five easy ways to lose the singing competition, because over the course of twelve seasons, you start to notice some patterns. Like, never perform a Whitney Houston song. Ever. Just don't do it. 

 To Lose American Idol In Five Easy Steps: A Scientific Analysis!

[via VH1]