After tackling classics like William Shakespeare's Romeo + Juliet and now F. Scott Fitzgerald's The Great Gatsby (both with the trusty Leonardo DiCaprio at his side, of course), Baz Luhrmann is reportedly looking for his next project - in fact, he may have already found it.

"Hamlet," Luhrmann told The Hollywood Reporter on the red carpet at the premiere for Gatsby. "To me, Gatsby is the American Hamlet. What else could we possibly do as a follow-up?" 

He was quick to add that it's just "a dream at this point" - he'd still want DiCaprio for the cast, and that may take time - but still, he's clearly thinking about it. We're sure that this is exactly what William Shakespeare had in mind when he wrote the play back in, oh, the year 1600: His most accomplished tragedy performed on the big 3D. 

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[via The Hollywood Reporter]

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