We never thought the day would come - we bit our nails, sat at the edge of our seats, pulled our hair out for eight whole years, just because Ted (Josh Radnor) on How I Met Your Mother was taking so damn long to finish telling his kids how the hell he met their mother. Seriously, at this point, do his kids even remember who he's talking about? It's been eight years! They missed school! 

But finally - finally - tonight's episode of How I Met Your Mother may have just revealed who the titular mother is. Obviously, if you clicked this post, you know that what lies ahead is a major spoiler.

In the episode, Ted reveals to Lily that he's planning on moving to Chicago the day after Barney and Robin's wedding, and after a lengthy conversation, Lily discovers that it's because he's still in love with Robin. Lily comments that the girl of Ted's dreams is living in NYC, probably wearing "cute boots" - foreshadowing alert! As they're preparing to drive to the location of the wedding, Ted tells Lily that he'll be taking the train back to NYC after the wedding to finalize his plans for his move to Chicago.

Cut to the train station, and we see a girl in a cute pair of boots - and, for all you How I Met Your Mother superfans, the telltale yellow umbrella - walking up to a ticket counter.

Then, we see...

It's Broadway actress Cristin Milioti! Cut to black. One more season, everyone!

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