You've probably braved a lot of interpretations of the post-apocalypse in games, but most probably aren't as tough (or bleak) as The Gods Will Be Watching.

Leading an interplanetary research team gathering data on a deadly virus, you're attacked by bioterrorists and left for dead on an inhospitable ice planet, with no choice to survive 40 days until rescure arrives.

It isn't just the hunger and the cold you have to face, either. Crew members can go insane at any point, the radio is badly in need of repairs and anyone could catch the virus without medical treatment.

Here's the kicker: you can only do five things per day. See how long you can last without demoralizing your morale, dying of starvation, killing someone or committing suicide. It's harder than you might think.

The Gods Will Be Watching is an entry in the latest Ludum Dare—an online gathering that challenges indie devs to make a game based around a theme in a weekend (the theme this time around is minimalism). You can play it for free right now here.