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Welcome to The Feed, our weekly round up of tech news. And what an interesting five days it’s been.

Providing you with everything you need, from Amazon's rumored phone to how a teenager developed a revolutionary plug-in for your browser. Find all of this week’s relevant tech news right here, at The Feed.


Thirty-Two NYC Parks to Get Free Wi-Fi Next Year. Almost.,  Thanks to a new deal arranged by Cablevision and Time Warner, parks around New York City will have complimentary Wi-Fi come 2014. (5/6)

Taming the News: How Rap Genius' News Genius Puts the Joke on You, With last week's announcement, Rap Genius is officially in the news game. But does News Genius intend to create a more informed republic? Or just a more cycnical one? (5/6)

SNL Shows Us How Awkward Google Glass Can Actually Be, With the inevitable production of Google Glass the public is constantly thinking of how well it may actually work. Here, SNL’s Fred Armisen shows us his take of the new tech gadget. (5/6)

Get Ready: Facebook Video Ads are Just Around the Corner, Facebook perpetually finds new ways to raise their net worth. Now they're adding video ads to that equation. Oh boy. (5/7)

The Meme-ification of #CharlesRamsey, The Internet’s desire to turn Ramsey into a meme is not rooted in a “darker narrative about race and class,” as NPR reports, but rather our sick need to parody, to make light of moments that should matter, moments that should carry much more weight than we ascribe to them. (5/7)

The Dress Up! Drake App is a Hilarious Waste of TimeEver wanted to play personal stylist to Drizzy Drake? Well now you can thanks to an app that is as ridiculous as it sounds. Is Lil Wayne jealous? Will Apple release a Dress Up Weezy app soon? The Internet can only hope so. (5/7)

New YouTube Trends Map Shows You the Top Videos Around America, YouTube now makes it easier for you to keep up with the latest trending videos. Just point your cursor over an area of the map and see the most popular videos. (5/8)

Teenager Develops Browser Plug-in to Block TV Spoilers on Twitter, Possibly one of the most useful plug-ins we’ve seen in a while. Twivo stops annoying Twitter spoilers before they happen. (5/9)

Charge Your Phone in Style Thanks to Nokia, Thanks to this portable USB charger you can now have a battery capacity of 1,720 mAh. And, do it in style. (5/9) 

Amazon Rumored to be Creating Smartphone with 3D Screen, According to The Wall Street Journal, not only is Amazon set to release the phone's prototype, but it is also said to have a 3D display screen. (5/10)