A woman was shot in the leg at a St. Petersburg, FL Starbucks after her friend dropped her purse which happened to contain a gun. Pamela Beck and Amie Peterson were at the Tyrone Square Mall when dropped her bags to pay for her beverage. That's when the story turned into The Gun in Pamela Beck's Handbag

When one of Beck's bags hit the ground, the loaded .25-caliber semi-automatic handgun discharged, sending a bullet into Peterson's leg. Beck said she forgot about the gun, which her father gave to her a year prior. How do you walk around everyday for who knows how long forgetting that you're carrying a loaded weapon? The case has been forwarded to prosecutors because Beck does not have a permit to carry the weapon.

As for Peterson, she was treated at a trauma center in the area and released. Hopefully, she forgave her friend. Will the law be as forgiving?

[via The Huffington Post]