Network: FOX
Air Date: 1993
Writer: Chris Carter
Creator: Chris Carter
Stars: David Duchovny, Gillian Anderson
Premise: A skeptical and brilliant FBI agent is paired with a sarcastic, equally bright operative who believes that evidence of an alien abduction in the Pacific Northwest will help unearth long kept government secrets.

Polarity is the engine that drives The X Files pilot. Fox Mulder (Duchovny) immerses himself in the supernatural on an insatiable quest to discover the secret of his sister's disappearance. Dana Scully (Anderson) knows that discrediting Mulder would send her up the ladder at the Bureau and show that she's an asset to agency brass. They both want something so deeply that they've given everything to their cause, yet there they stand, formidable obstacles in each other's way.

The friction between the two of them will never be as strong again: From the very beginning, we see chinks in Scully's armor of ambition as she begins her journey to belief in the supernatural. We don't begrudge her softening her stances. It has to be that way: Scully's character arc demands it. Nonetheless, there's something great about the first moments of the series, when the polar opposite world views collide and ignite the engine of The X-Files. —BG

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