Picking the 50 best players in the history of the FIFA franchise is no easy task, not least of all because of the inconsistent way the series has treated historical players. FIFA 2000 included classic teams from across the history of the beautiful game, so how can you not include Pelé and Maradona? But on the other hand, FIFA 2000 is not the FIFA we’ve come to know and love with 360-degree dribbling and real-world physics.

Recent editions of the game have included the Classic XI team, but that purportedly legendary side is sadly incomplete due to licensing restrictions. So we have to split the difference. The following list recognizes a blend of all-time greats, current stars and some real-world misfits who have simply been fun as hell to use in the franchise. There are, just by nature of the game, more strikers than midfielders, and probably more midfielders than defenders, but rest assured that every spot on the pitch gets at least a little shine.

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