City: Chicago
Address: 1354 West Wabansia Ave.
Capacity: 150 (by generous estimates)
Coolest Feature: It looks like a shack; you'd walk right by it if you didn't know what you were looking for

The name is an intimation of this small venue's past: it was originally intended to be secluded from the public and it opened illegally back in 1934. The Hideout has withstood its origins as a shanty to become the place where everybody knows your name for a host of Sicilian gents during Prohibition, and eventually, one of the best rock venues of the 20th and 21st centuries. It's the place that Jack White permanently marked with his vomit; a place where Phantom Planet filmed the video for "California" (yep, The OC's theme song), and a place where people gathered after the tragedy of September 11 for comfort. This is where Chicagoans let it rip the same way their parents and grandparents did back when they were young, wild, and free.