City: Santa Barbara, CA
Address: 1122 North Milpas St.
Capacity: 4974
Coolest Feature: The Scranton Overlook

Located 90 minutes north of L.A., the Santa Barbara Bowl is the county's largest outdoor amphitheatre. Built in 1936 due to the New Deal's Works Progress Administration, it was originally used for pageant's before becoming one of the nation's leading concert venues for guests and artists alike. The Santa Barbara Bowl originally featured a revolving wooden stage that was in place from its original construction until a 1939 storm destroyed it. The second stage, made from concrete, was in place until 2001 renovations.

Speaking of renovations, Santa Barbara County clearly appreciates the venue (and the money it brings in), as continuous tweaks over the past two decades have exceeded $30 million. Its most impressive recent feature is the gorgeous Scranton Overlook, an anonymous gift dedicated to former Executive Director Sam Scranton. Artists from Katy Perry to Radiohead have appeared at the bowl, and the 2013 concert season will begin Memorial Day weekend with the Kings of the Mic Tour. Hopefully, fans will have forgiven LL for "Accidental Racist" by then.