City: Norfolk, VA
Address: 317 Monticello Ave.
Capacity: 1500
Coolest Feature: It has a basketball court

The story of the Norva began in 1917 when it first opened as a Vaudeville theater, eventually evolving into one of the best movie theaters in the area through the '70s. By the time the '80s rolled in, it was converted into a Downtown Athletic Club until a 1998 renovation project. In 2000, it reopened with a James Brown performance, still retaining its classic look.

Whether you're on the first floor or the overlooking balcony, you feel the full force of the building's acoustics, which are powered by a V-DOSC sound system. On the second floor, there are both tables and a VIP section, and each floor features sizeable bars. The talent get the royal treatment: In addition to several dressing rooms, there's an indoor basketball court and a dining room decorated with autographed drum heads.