Stars: Diane Kruger, Demián Bichir, Annabeth Gish, Ted Levine
Premiere Date: July TBA

Police drama, two no-nonsense cops from different sides of the tracks, a serial—that's the nuts and bolts of the highly buzzed about The Bridge. Kruger plays an officer from Texas, Bichir an officer from Mexico—together, they're forced to work together to capture a killer that operates between the U.S./Mexico border, and are interrupted by the corruption of the Mexican authorities and the dangers of drug cartels.

Also, we're going to pitch an idea here. TV executives, if you like it, hit us up. Two cops, one from America and one from Canada, trying to capture a maple syrup smuggler that operates between the border of the U.S. and our neighbor to the north. We call it, Sorry Aboot That, Eh. No? OK, just watch The Bridge