Stars: Mark Strong, Lennie James, Athena Karkanis, David Costabile, Erika Alexander, James Ransone, Sprague Grayden, Ruben Santiago-Hudson
Premiere Date: August 11

Sometimes, all it takes to guarantee viewership is brilliant casting. Consider AMC's new crime drama series Low Winter Sun—its led by two of England's strongest character actors, Mark Strong (Zero Dark Thirty) and Lennie James (The Walking Dead).

The two of them are such captivating on-screen presences that it's easy to overlook Low Winter Sun's otherwise familiar construct. An American take on a 2006 British miniseries of the same name (which also starred strong), AMC's most promising new program since the premiere of that little zombie show centers on cops and detectives working the streets of Detroit—sounds very similar to damn near every procedural on those non-cable networks, doesn't it?

Not quite, actually. With fine acting and a dread-drenched elegance, Low Winter Sun could be the antidote for TV's overuse of the old cops-with-problems motif. —MB