In the 1950s, Samuel Z. Arkoff found B-movie success with a simple formula that he later referred to as the ARKOFF Formula. It stated that any low-budget movie should include each of the following: Action, Revolution, Killing, Oratory, Fantasy, and Fornication. It also needed to have a killer title—and it was the title itself that often preceded anything else, including story. After all, with a name like Reform School Girl or I Was a Teenage Werewolf, do audiences really need to know any more?

Since its launch in 1992, the network formerly known as the Sci Fi Channel has adopted a similar philosophy, producing dozens of made-for-TV movies with chuckle-inducing titles that often involve the melding of two already-scary creatures or one modern-day monster and some sort of natural disaster. These are The 25 Best Syfy Channel Movies, Based on Title Alone.

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Written by Jennifer M. Wood (@j_m_wood)