You’ve done it. You beat all the soldiers, zombies and aliens that challenged you in the latest video games in your stash. Now, one more challenge awaits, and that's the boss battle. To gamers, defeating a level's boss symbolizes the completion of hours of emotion, ranging from excitement and elation to hopelessness and anger. Anyone who's finished Contra knows the feeling of finally conquering the Red Falcon after levels of depressing fails. Watching Donkey Kong fall on his head and reuniting Mario with his cherished Pauline was cheesy no doubt, but the feeling of doing it was exhilarating. 

This isn't only about final bosses though. It's about the boss battles that had the biggest impact. For example, M. Bison is the final obstacle in Street Fighter but beating Balrog was way more satisfying. This list of The 25 Best Boss Battles Of All Time pays tribute to all the sweaty hands that wiggled directional pads, analog sticks and mashed buttons to hard earned victories.

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