Video Game: Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike (1999)

Necro is a fugitive on a totally different level than others. It's not the police or feds that are after him, it's the Illuminati. Tricked by the promise of a life of wealth and happiness, Necro became and experiment that left him mutated with the ability to stretch his limbs as if he were made out of elastic and use electricity to his advantage. In an attempt to gain his freedom from the Illuminati, Necro competed in the Street Fighter 3 tournament but was tricked again and left to die in a rigged explosion. Luckily, his girlfriend Effie was able to help him out before the blast and they're now living on the low since the Illuminati thinks Necro is no more.

Figthing using Necro is like using a combination of Dhalsim and Blanka. You've got both long range attacks as well as an electrified short range defense. Once a person masters the controls of this Soviet hammer, there's not much a competitor can do to get an advantage.