Escort missions. Oh, yes. The immediate ire felt when gamers are tasked with escorting a character into and out of harm's way. If there is one thing that gamers of every stripe can agree upon, it is this: escort missions suck. We mean suck in the laziest, least inspired way for a developer to pad a game with an almost universally hated convention.

It's a simple explanation as to why the inclusion of escort missions generate as much gamer rage as it does. The success or failure of a mission is no longer predicated on a gamer's skill. Control has been firmly put into the hands of an escortee with all of the survival instincts of a heroin addicted lemming. No matter how many times you may do the right thing, failure is almost guaranteed by an AI who's sole purpose is to see how quickly they can absorb bullets. It's a hated digression in gaming and a mystery why they're still included in titles to this day. Here's a list of escort missions that took a dump on the chest of otherwise amazing titles.

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