In February, the Internet met Kai, it's newest hero. He became a viral sensation thanks to an interview where he detailed his rescue of a woman in Fresno, CA, burying a hatchet in her attacker's head. Now apparently he's wanted for murder. There's a warrant out for 34-year-old Caleb "Kai" Lawrence McGillvary in Union County, NJ related to the death of Joseph Galfy. Galfy was found in his home on Monday, the victim of blunt force trauma. 

Local authorities believe that Lawrence cut his hair to alter his appearance before becoming a fugitive. He was last spotted in Haddonfield, and there's a $5,000 reward out for any information regarding his whereabouts. No time to chill now, bro. Not all.

Watch the original video one more time, just for good measure.

[via Gawker]