Cedrick Swinson claims he robbed a Florida Navy Federal Credit Union for the right reasons, as if there's ever a "right" reason to commit a robbery. According to the North Carolina native, he committed the crime so he could take his girlfriend's kids on a cruise. 

According to police, the 37-year-old decide to hold the place up once he realized he didn't have access to his funds. After the crime, he sped off in his SUV where his girlfriend and her children waited, and she actually asked him "What did you do, rob a bank?" Call it women's intuition. He was apprehended mere minutes later, did she sense that coming as well?

Swinson told authorities that he felt "pressured" to uphold his promise of a Disney cruise, so he resorted to crime. He was charged with grand theft, robbery and driving with a suspended license. The children won't be going on that cruise anytime soon. As for Swinson, well, he might be taking a little vacation on his own.

[via New York Daily News]