Screw Snakes on a Plane, snakes falling out of trees on a calm May morning is a far more realistic danger. Last week, the Metropolitan Police Department reported snakes falling from trees in D.C. Be afraid, be very afraid:

On Thursday, May 23, 2013 around 11:40am a call came in about a couple of snakes that fell out of the trees. When the snakes fell they scared the children, and everyone fled. This was in the playground area. I responded but found no snakes. I caught one small enough to fit inside an empty water bottle I had. It was probably a black rat snake. They are indigenous to trees and the warm weather is drawing them out.

The National Zoo says that rat snakes are shy and tend to avoid confrontation, but they will attack if provoked. If two snakes fall out of a tree directly in front of you, you're probably going to freak the fuck out and run in the other direction as opposed to doing anything to agitate it. 

[via Prince of Petworth]