Two weeks ago, Gawker broke the news that editor John Cook had seen a video that clearly shows outspoken Toronto mayor Rob Ford smoking crack. Two reporters from the Toronto Star also confirmed its existence, though with negligible differences because the video still reportedly showed Ford smoking crack. The Star is now reporting that Ford told his staffers he wasn't concerned, and that he knew where the video was located.

Ford allegedly surprised his team when he recited the addresses of two units on the 17th floor of an apartment complex on Dixon Road two weeks ago. His source for this information? "Our contacts." This sent reporters flocking to units 1701 and 1703, where they claimed to have seen "numerous young men" shuffling in and out "at all hours of the night and day," though none of them admitted to seeing Ford.

Following the May 17 meeting, two concerned staffersDavid Price and Mark Towheypondered what to do if Ford did, in fact, know the video's location. Towhey suggested they go to police, and two detectives are probing this messy crack situation. Towhey has obviously been terminated, and Ford's staff is dropping like flies. Earlier today, Cook shared some insight about the apartment on Dixon Road:

While Ford is of course denying that he smokes crack, Gawker reached its $200,000 goal to purchase the video. It's about to get real. Also, suppose this video does go public, effectively ruining Ford. Will Toronto still love him like D.C. still loves Marion Barry?

[via Gawker and the Toronto Star]

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