Afraid of snakes? If so, proceed with caution. A Burmese python nearly 19 feet long that weighed 128 pounds was captured and killed near Miami earlier this month. Jason Leon spotted about three feet of the 18-foot, 8-inch beast sticking out of bushes, so he pulled it to the road only to lose control of it. Though it wrapped itself around his arms and legs, he still managed to kill it with a knife. 

Florida has had a problem with pythons dating all the way back to the '80s because people who adopted them decided it would be cool to release them into the wild. Due to the lack of natural predators, the pythons destroy the local wildlife population. 

Leon's discovery is believed to the largest Burmese python in the history of the state. It breaks the record set last August by at 17-foot, 7-incher that was discovered and killed in the Everglades.

[via Gawker]