If you often find yourself saying, “Man, I love the fact that my mediocre speakers have so many wires and I can’t take them anywhere,” then you can probably stop reading now. But if you yearn for more sound quality, no wires, and the ability to take your system with you anywhere you go, then it’s high time you met the Beats by Dre Pill.

Though it’s tiny enough to fit in your hand, the Pill’s powerful signature sound is anything but small. Its four built-in speakers let you enjoy soaring highs and deep, booming bass in every room of your house—or wherever you may be. The Pill is as portable as it is powerful; its seven hours of battery life let you enjoy your tunes all day long without having to plug in. It even comes with a convenient carrying case that you can attach to your backpack. The Pill’s Bluetooth capability lets you change tracks from your phone or any other enabled device, and, thanks to its internal microphone, also lets you make and take calls on it. Talking on the tele never sounded so good.

This ain’t no bitter Pill. This is the speaker for your life, wherever it takes you. It’s just what the Dr. ordered.

The Beats by Dre Pill is available at Best Buy, both in stores and online.