There was no serial killer involved, but prom night became a terrifying ordeal for a group of high school students in Glen Ellyn, IL over the weekend. This is because the driver of their party bus apparently decided to pregame before handling the job. The 23 passengers knew something was up when 54-year-old Richard Madison started driving recklessly. Their suspicions were confirmed when he jumped not one but two medians and drove into a ditch.

The kids called their parents, who then called an off-duty cop who was handling security for the prom. Madison was arrested after stumbling off the bus with glassy eyes. He maintained his innocence to Fox 32, saying that he'd "still be in jail" if he were guilty. He plans to fight the drunk driving and reckless conduct charges, but don't expect to see him behind the wheel of any party buses in the near future.

[via CBS News and MyFoxChicago]