A Papa John's delivery man was busted this week for trying to proposition customers with something not on the menu: cocaine. Brooklyn prosecutors say 45-year-old Ramon Rodriguez used his chill job as a pizza delivery guy in Sunset Park as a front to move cocaine. Dude even went as far to hide coke in pizza boxes and serve people in uniform. That's bold.

Though undercover officers had been buying drugs from Rodriguez since the fall of 2011, he was finally arrested on Wednesday after trying to move $27,500 of cocaine, a large pizza and some Papa's Chicken Poppers. Nothing completes an order like two bricks of that white does. 

Rodriguez was charged with several counts of criminal sale of a controlled substance and one count of criminal possession of a controlled substance. During his run as Brooklyn's illest delivery man, he allegedly sold over $40,000 worth of cocaine.

Someone please make a documentary about this man. His story must be told. 

[via NBC New York]