On Wednesday, the world learned that actor and all around swell guy Sir Patrick Stewart had his first slice of pizza at the age of 72. While we're still stunned by the fact, more details regarding his first pizza experience have emerged thanks to a conversation with the Daily Intelligencer.

Though he consumed his fist slice this week, it wasn't the first time Stewart had come face to face with pizza. "I was actually in my twenties before I saw a pizza," he explained. He also revealed the reason he chose to boldly go where he had never gone before—he and his fiancée were "a little hung-over."

So there you have it; the mystery behind Patrick Stewart's first slice of pizza has been explained. Brent Spiner, who played the android and Lt. Commander Data on Star Trek: The Next Generation, had a funny quip about the situation:

[via Gothamist and Daily Intelligencer]

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