In a wonderfully Florida news story, local authorities say they caught a man covering a Lighthouse Point home with graffiti and mustard; they also say they caught him shoving assorted electronic devices, laptops and medication into a suitcase. Andrew Fatzinger, 21, fled at the sight of police, escaping on foot while being followed by a helicopter above.

During the chase, Fatzinger apparently decided that he just had to have a cold one, so he ducked in to another house and stole two bottles of beer. Better judgement soon sunk in and he tossed the bottles before being cornered by a police dog that he punched before police finally apprehended him. 

Fatzinger was charged with grand theft, burglary, resisting arrest with violence and striking a police dog. Never strike a police dog, and never underestimate how much a man values his beer—the beer theft victim reportedly wants to press charges as well.

[via The Huffington Post]