Just two days after being appointed the chief of the Oakland Police Department, Anthony Toribio has stepped down. Prior to his promotion and abrupt resignation, Toribio was the deputy police chief; he stepped into the void filled by former chief Howard Jordan. According to the San Francisco Chronicle, the OPD had been under the surveillance of a federal court for not reprimanding officers who exhibit abusive behavior:

A report last week by Thomas Frazier, appointed by a federal judge to oversee Police Department compliance with court-ordered reforms, said police supervisors were failing to hold officers accountable for abusive actions.

The department has been under the oversight of a federal court monitor due to its failure to fully comply with court-ordered reforms stemming from a decade-old police abuse case.

Oakland's a beautiful city, but that beauty is tainted by crime and a police force either too incompetent or indifferent to handle it. It looks like the game of police brass musical chairs is just beginning.

[via Gawker]