Director: Paul Feig
Stars: Sandra Bullock, Melissa McCarthy, Demian Bichir, Bill Burr, Spoken Reasons, Nathan Corddry
Release Date: June 28

All signs point to a box office juggernaut here, folks. It's all in The Heat's comedic ingredients. First, it's directed by the ever-solid Paul Feig, a hot commodity in Hollywood right now who's coming off the massive success of 2011's all-woman romp Bridesmaids. And then there's co-star Melissa McCarthy, a certified big-screen A-lister who was recently able to push the otherwise rudimentary Identity Thief well past a $100 million gross.

Put McCarthy alongside Sandra Bullock, aka America's Oscar-winning sweetheart, in a buddy-cop comedy about two tough-as-nails law enforcers hunting down a Russian mobster and you've got the potential to at least flirt with the notion of matching Bridesmaids' $288 million domestic intake. Best of all, The Heat's trailers have been genuinely funny.