Director: Kieran Darcy-Smith
Stars: Joel Edgerton, Felicity Price, Teresa Palmer, Antony Starr
Release Date: June 7

This summer, there will be two vastly different examinations of post-hangover nightmares—one, of course, is a comedy starring Zach Galifianakis and Bradley Cooper, and the other is Australian actor turned filmmaker Kieran Darcy-Smith's psychological suspense drama Wish You Were Here. Obviously you're going to see the former, but do yourselves a favor and seek out the latter—it's something special.

Joel Edgerton (The Great Gatsby) and Teresa Palmer (Warm Bodies) headline Darcy-Smith's study of internalized, mounting guilt, following the disappearance of a traveling group's member after a night of campfire drinks, dancing, and marital infidelity. The performances are sharp, the tension is nicely sustained throughout, and revelations, though not exactly twists, are unexpectedly devastating.