As we reported yesterday, Motorola is developing new technology that will serve alternatives to that measly PIN of yours that you (and millions of others) use to unlock smartphones. Today, we have some more information on the tattoos and pills Motorola hopes you will adopt in the coming future. The tattoo, which is more like a rubber stamp, is being engineered at Massachusetts-based firm, MC10. It will be composed of flexible electronics that are attached to the wearer's skin, and will unlock a phone just by it being close to the wearer's body. 

The company is also developing an ID pill that has already been approved by the Food and Drug Administration. This method will unlock your phone just like the tattoo, except the pill's computer chip will be powered by the acids in your stomach. The pill will, in turn, create a unique ID signal that can be picked up by devices outside the body.

With unlocking taking an average of 2.3 seconds each time, with some people logging in to their phones a 100 times a day, will you be up for an ID tattoo or pill?

[via The Telegraph]