It's been sort of a rough day for Microsoft. After a tepid response to their big press event yesterday it's been sort of a turd avalanche for their new console launch.

The day started off with the announcement that Microsoft won't allow indie developers to self-publish on their new console which was then followed up by Microsoft's Don Mattrick using some choice words about the console's lack of backwards compatibility.

And now we have this report from Xbox LIVE exec Larry Hyrb reassuring gamers that Xbox hasn't forgotten about them and that all would be revealed at E3.

Speaking in a Yahoo live chat  Hyrb stated, "the hardcore gaming audience has given us some great feedback & we watch that feedback carefully. I think they'll be happy after E3."

Go on...

Hyrb went on about the wildly divisive policy decisions regarding its stance on pre-owned software and disc-sharing are "stlll being finalised".

What do you think? It seems like Microsoft is just sort of bailing water at this point. Any thoughts?

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