Maybe we don't know a whole lot about 'corporate messaging', 'synergy', or 'dynamic business solutions.'

But we're pretty sure being flip about a large swath of consumers isn't a corporate communication technique learned after a weekend work-retreat filled with trust falls and half-hearted handjobs that no one talks about. Speaking to the Wall Street Journal today, Microsoft's Don Mattrick said the follwing about the new Xbox One being backwards compatible.

“We created something that understands how to be performant for all scenarios and all combinations,” says Mattrick. “If you’re backwards compatible, you’re really backwards.”

Cool story. You've got our attention, please continue.

"Only a small percentage of customers play older games (5 percent, according to Mattrick), backwards compatibility is not a scenario worth Microsoft's investment and development costs."

Backwards compatibility was one of those features that most consumers hoped would be included in the next-gen console, but the issue was overshadowed by the whole 'always on' nonsense. Between this public statement of the new philosophical direction for the Xbox One and the announcement that the Xbox One won't allow indie developers to self-publish it's almost like Microsoft made a list of the most important things to core gamers and said

"You know what would be great? If we don't include any of those!"

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[via Gamasutra]