It looks like EA is dusting off an old chestnut to be included in Madden NFL 25. The return of Owner mode will be included in this year's release after its debut in Madden NFL 2004, much to the praise of fans of the series.

  • Feel what it’s like to be the face of a franchise and have every action scrutinized by fans and media.
  •  Put together an effective team of advisers and a top notch scouting department. 
  •  Set prices on merchandising, tickets and concessions.
  • Make decisions about finances, important trades and players that will energize their franchise.

"In Connected Franchise, fans will have all the features they loved in the past from Connected Careers, but with slight improvements. Additionally, fans will be pleased to see many of their requested features included, such as full 32 team control, new commissioner tools and a league transaction log. Fans will also have the chance to live out the legendary careers of such players as Randall Cunningham, Mike Ditka, William “Refrigerator” Perry and many more."

Watch the new trailer and let us know what you think.

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