Ke$ha is about to embark on a 51-date world tour of glitter, so obviously she took the opportunity to say some more weird shit. It's not really even that weird for her, at this point. A while ago, the pop star said she has had sex with a ghost. But now she wants to hook up with like, famous ghosts.

"I'd like to have sex with a dinosaur, Liberace, and Patrick Swayze," she said. What kind of dino? "Obviously it would be with a T-Rex." Obviously. Ke$ha also commented on her love of glitter, which she really doesn't leave the house without. 

"I actually have two glitter pools in my house. Pools full of glitter that you can just dip any part of your body—like anything you have, your nails or your head—and it's just glitter everywhere," she said. "It's become more or less a way of life." Apparently everyone on her tour has a "scary glitter Ke$ha story," though we're not sure we want to know what a scary glitter story would entail.

Still, the best part of the interview is when she reveals that Lady Gaga sent her animal crackers. Because that's what friends do.

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[via HuffPo]