Hearts were broken yesterday when it was revealed that Caleb "Kai" Lawrence McGillvary, who rose to viral fame earlier this year after a hilarious interview, was wanted for murder. The 24-year-old Internet hero has been accused of killing attorney Joseph Galfy; Galfy was found dead in his Clark, NJ home on Monday, the victim of blunt force trauma. After a brief search, McGilvary was arrested at a Greyhound Bus station in Philadelphia.

Here's where things get even more sordid. Prosecutors are convinced that Galfy met McGillvary in Times Square, then took him back to his home where the two engaged in a sexual encounter. On Tuesday, this Facebook post from "Caleb Kai Lawrence Yodhehwawheh," who authorities believe is McGillvary, appeared: 

This seems to confirm the sexual encounter in graphic detail. NBC Philadelphia reports that McGilvary will be processed in Philadelphia before being shipped back to New Jersey. Expect this story to become even darker as more details emerge.

[via NBC Philadelphia]