In light of the focus Microsoft has taken this week in unveiling the Xbox One, it’s interesting to note the seeming contrast between Sony’s indie-friendly approach with the PS4.

Arguably few indie developers are better equipped to talk about the benefits of small-scale development than Jonathan Blow. In this interesting (if entirely too short – even in just a few minutes, it’s clear that Blow approaches his craft with the intense focus of a master artist at work) behind-the-scenes video about The Witness, Blow talks about how his total creative control makes for a more interesting experience.

“The trick is there’s magic there in the subject we’re exploring and because the game was not constrained by financial fetters, we were able to find the magic and make it as good as we possibly could,” he says. “The game is a multi-layered thing and every layer is absolutely the best we know how to make.”

It’s hard to not look at The Witness and not consider it a next-gen successor to Myst, but knowing Blow, there’s something deep here. Check out the video (and a more enlightening blog post) via the link below.

Via Joystiq