Yes, Guy Pierce is the real villain of Iron Man 3, but it's James Badge Dale who just won't die. He's mostly done TV work, but after taking on Tony Stark, he has supporting roles in the upcoming World War Z and The Lone Ranger.

Anyway, he spent a lot of time on set with Robert Downey Jr. for their fight scenes and confirmed what we've all suspected: RDJ is a perfect human specimen. "You work with people who try to take care of themselves, and then there's people who take care of everybody else, and Downey's one of those guys who literally comes around and he's taking care of everybody else, cast, crew—'How you doing?' 'What do you need?'" he said. 

Dale said he was on his best behavior when shooting with RDJ and director/costar Jon Favreau. "It was a good time, but you've got to show up ready to work. Because if you're not ready, those guys will eat you alive," he said. Nothing about Gwyneth, though—it's good to hear RDJ and Favreau are legit, because we're sure the GOOPster has enough diva in her for the whole set.

"[Robert]'s selfless and he's just a pleasure to be around and it's fascinating to watch him work. Because through his selflessness, he also finds all these great nuggets. He's a team player and you rise and sink by the people you surround yourself with," Dale said. So yes, RDJ is awesome. Oh, and Dale totally played Simon in Lord of the Flies, in case you were wondering. Carry on.

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[via Zap2it]