Ellen Page, who stars in David Cage's upcoming supernatural PS3 drama Beyond: Two Souls, doesn't think there's anything unnatural about video games covering tough, adult topics like suicide or homelessness—both of which her character, Jodie, deals with in the game. In a recent interview with Metro, she talks about how the medium should be a natural medium for complex human issues.
"Why would you not want to explore that format of storytelling?" Page says in the Metro interview. "I’m fascinated to see if people feel emotionally attached and compelled in these intense moments of Jodie’s life to make choices from those feelings."

Cage and his team at Quantic Dream are no strangers to this concept, having addressed in 2010 with the questionably written but technically impressive Heavy RainThus far buzz for Beyond seems to rank its direction better than Heavy Rain—hopefully not just because Quantic Dream's motion capture tech has vastly improved in the past few years. Check out Page's full interview at the link below.
[via Metro]

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