It's been a big week for Google. Yesterday, the Mountain View, Calif. company held its annual I/O conference where it unveiled a number of new initiatives and product enhancements. And today news broke that it will partnering with NASA to study artificial intelligence. 

Google and NASA have come together to create the the Quantum Artificial Intelligence Lab which will include a quantum computer made by D-Wave Systems and "study how quantum computing might advance machine learning," reports the New York Times Bits blog.  

In a blog post announcing the partnership, Hartmut Neven, Google's Director of Engineering, said: “If we want to create effective environmental policies, we need better models of what’s happening to our climate. Classical computers aren’t well suited to these types of creative problems.”

Google says researchers from around the world will be invited to share time on the machine. D-Wave hopes whatever is yielded from the studies can help solve problems pertaining finance, health care, and national security. 

[Google via NYT]