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Everything that's in the dark will eventually be exposed, meaning that if you're a high school principal with a mug shot floating around, one of your students will find it and share it with others. That's how social media works. A high school student in Clayton County, GA was suspended for locating the principal's mugshot and posting it to Instagram. That clever little bastard.

Last week, Riverdale County High School senior Keandre Varner posted principal Jamille Miller-Brown's mugshot, commenting that she had been arrested for a DUI. When Miller-Brown got wind of this, she confronted the teen about the matter in her office. She even tried to have him arrested, though the rational police officer refused. So, in retaliation, she suspended him for four days.

The school attempted to legitimize the suspension (that's how they do) by claiming it was the result of him being "disrespectful and belligerent." Miller-Brown reduced the suspension to two days when she calmed down, but threatened other students for simply having the image on their phones. Someone's clearly sensitive about their past mistakes. What was her past mistake? She was arrested for not appearing in court after getting a speeding ticket.

It's time to get over that.

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