One rule of thumb we have here at Watch the Throne is if you try for a rape joke, no crown for you. As if Sansa's wedding night isn't already bad enough with a drunken, miserable Tyrion at her side, Joffrey sidles up next to her and says, "I suppose it doesn't matter what Lannister puts the baby into you." Every week, we think we couldn't hate him any more and every week he puts on a clinic in douchbaggery that the cast of The Jersey Shore would envy.

As per usual, this is just one of the terrible things that Joffrey does this week. His stealing Tyrion's stool is a stunt straight out of the Little Rascals eye-in-the-tail-pipe playbook, except without the aww shucks charm. Then he tries to come at Tyrion again at the banquet and gets owned even though the Imp is so drunk he can't avoid running into tables.

The only positive thing we can say for Joffrey is that the foppish malevolent sociopath didn't kill anyone this week. We maintain our standards here while watching the Throne: we don't give out crowns just for managing not to kill someone in cold blood.