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If 24 taught us one thing, it's that Jack Bauer can not be held down. So, it's actually not that surprising to hear that, three years after the end of the long-running series, Fox is considering bringing it back for a 'limited engagement' season. According to Deadline, the network is in talks with executive producer Howard Gordon (who has since moved on to Homeland) and star Kiefer Sutherland to return to the network for an unspecified amount of episodes.  

No deals are in place yet, so this could very well fall through, but apparently it was Gordon who pitched the idea, and Fox was immediately on board with it - no surprise, considering that 24 won like 20 Emmys during its entire 2001-2010 run.

The new episodes would "start from scratch with a new story arc," but that presumably doesn't mean the general premise of Jack Bauer just constantly having the shittiest, most eventful day ever would be any different. Just what we like to hear!

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