Is there ever a good reason for drawing a penis on someone's car? Natasha Myers thinks so. Last month, the  23-year-old Florida native allegedly engraved the hood of someone's Kia with a penis in a Wesley Chapel grocery store parking lot. The drawing also came with a note:

"Hey I keyed your car. You didn't stop for pedestrians as is law. Since no cop to enforce a ticket, this should cover the cost of your fine. Have a good day. P.S. Don't be a dick."

Quite unapologetic, no? Anyway, Myers was finally arrested this week thanks to surveillance footage and admitted to leaving the note because the driver didn't yield to passing pedestrians. The driver said she didn't recall seeing any in the parking lot. The dick on her car should make it hard to forget.

As for Myers, she was charged with criminal mischief and taken to Pasco County Jail, where she was later released on $5,000 bond.

[via The Huffington Post]