Last month, a Florida high schooler described as a model student was expelled and charged with two felonies after a science experiment gone wrong created a minor explosion. Now it appears as though Kiera Wilmot will not face felony charges, which she shouldn't.

Wilmot, 16, was arrested on Apr. 22 after her decision to mix aluminum foil in a bottle with cleaning products created a small explosion at Bartow High School in Bartow, FL. There was no damage done to the school and no one was injured. Still, Wimot was not only booted from school for violating its code of conduct, she was arrested and charged for having a weapon on school grounds and discharging a destructive device. 

Principal Ron Pritchard stood by Wilmot's claims, but still expelled her. Wilmot will now be forced to earn her through an expulsion program, and this incident will remain a black eye on her record. Dropping the charges against her was the obvious and correct decision, but a little leniency is in order regarding her expulsion.

[via Gawker and Miami New Times]

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