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We're sort of obsessed with this new foodie app called Chef's Feed, and if you give it a shot you'll fall hard for it too. 

The Webby-award winning app basically functions like a Yelp review site, except with sleeker features and reviews from people who know what they're talking about—chefs! You can actually see where Mario Battali gets his taco fix or Wolfgang Puck goes for penne vodka. 

To get started, simply create an account or log in with Facebook. From there, choose your home city and add a few chefs you'd like to follow. Our picks for NYC: April Bloomfield at The Breslin and Roberta's Carlo Mirarchi. You can also follow friends if they're using the service. 

Like Instagram, there are five sections at the bottom of the screen. Feed is pretty self-explanatory, as is Chefs, which shows their activity. However, the real action happens on Dishes, where users search for various meals around town. View results by restaurant, distance or on a map to plan your adventure. Listings also display actual shots of the meal to help determine if it's worth the splurge. 

Going back to sections, Activity shows what friends have been up to, while Profile catalogs your activity. If you stumble on a dish and think it's something you'd like to try, tap "Plan It" to save for future reference. Already tried it? Tap "Ate It" to add to your log. 

What's neat about Profile is that these "Plan It" and "Ate It" features help track where—and what—you've been eating. A breakdown of "Dishes I've Eaten By City" and "Top City" to dine out can be seen on your Profile Stats, which is informative, but also fun for hardcore foodies who like to say where they've been.  

Chef's Feed is free and available for download in the App Store. 

[via firstwefeast]